Proposal of cooperation

Dear Sirs,

МЕДТОРГ.РФ (MEDTORG.RF), a supplier of consumables and equipment for hospitals and dental clinics, offers its partnership on mutually beneficial terms.
We work with health care institutions in all regions of Russia and offer partnership in promotion of your product on the Russian market.
Proposals on partnership in construction and commissioning of medical equipment and consumables manufacturing facilities in Russia are welcome.
In 2012 МЕДТОРГ.РФ marked its 10th Anniversary. Our long-term experience of work with manufacturers, continuous analysis of the health care sector trends enables us to offer the latest developments and technologies to our clients.
Apart from our core commercial operations, we offer information support to specialists: participate in major medical exhibitions and conferences, trainings organized by our Russian and international partners.
One of the major aspects of our business is supply of a comprehensive set of equipment and consumables to hospitals and dental clinics. We look forward to your proposals and hope for long-term cooperation.

Please, submit your proposals in English.
Telephone: + 7 (495) 988-38-87

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